Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sons of Beaches

Yesterday, some friends and I went to Robert Mose Beach. Who knew the nice, quiet area of the beach would be nestled right in the nude section? Well, my friend, Gil, did so we set up camp and bathed ourselves in sunlight. While our beach neighbors preferred their bodies sans tan lines, I find it nice that part of me is still my pasty, winter base coat. My personal gauge of sorts, if you will.

The trade off to having a nice, quiet beach area with no children is that you have to deal with older, naked adults who, while completely comfortable spreading their legs wide to make sure every inch of their bodies are tan, would prefer not have a camera in sight. Anyhoo, these are the shots I got.

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Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!!! What a lovely Saturday. reat way to kick off the weekend. With that being saiad.. What are we doing today LOL...