Tuesday, November 30, 2010

WALL Things Happy

I've learned that sometimes it's the little things that keep me going, and, as usual, I'm always trying to think of ways to keep my space not only well designed, but also a place that inspires me. So, while some people may put up metaphoric walls, which just block their creativity, I like to decorate the literal ones. From magazine tears to old childhood notes, this area in my apartment is WALL I need to keep me going.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Peg Legs

I love spicing up my outfits with a simple peg of my pant legs! Throw in a great pair of socks for that added bit of quirkiness and you're ready to roll up anywhere. The key in a successful, modern peg is not to have the pant leg too wide. Choose a slim, straight leg and TADA! 

Friday, November 19, 2010

Getting in the Mood

The mood boards in my portfolio needs some revamping. So I started with the pages from my book, added some key, supplemental props and started shooting. I think this revamp really added to the mood.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Have You Met Edward?

I was shopping the other day when I ran into someone named Edward. I discovered that he was only a year old and was the love child of Fashion Designers, Duckie Brown and New York Retailer, Odin. Upon further investigation, I could tell that Edward was special. He was just so put together and, honestly, HIS style totally matched MY style, which I love.

Though we only had a few moments together, I knew I liked Edward. He told me I could visit anytime I wanted to, but in the meantime, to take his jacket as a memento. I've cherished it ever since.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Lisa Got High

Things that I always enjoy:
1.) Weekend visits from friends
2.) Showing friends around the city
3.) Getting friends high

Check out Lisa getting high on the High Line when she came to visit me.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Saturday, I found my way to MOVE!, a MoMA PS1 presented event meant to showcase fashion and all things art through collaborations between clothing designers and artists.

At the suggestion of my friend, Frank, who was a Robert Geller clad dancer in one of the installations, I gladly took the train to Long Island City, paid the $10 admission fee, and slapped on the bright pink sticker the guards used to decipher who the paying customers were. Here are some photos from my afternoon.

The interesting stairwell really foreSHADOWed the truly entertaining afternoon I was about to have.
The Robert Geller/Ryan McNamara collaboration You Can Dance. See Robert pointing in the background admiring the students and teachers he'd outfitted.
The Terence Koh/Italo Zucchelli collaboration, Untitled (2010).
The Rob Pruitt/Marc Jacobs Collaboration, Looks. After being forced to down a blue-walled runway by two women wearing headsets and holding clip boards, they showed me into the next room where I was able to watch my sassy self strut down the virtual runway of my dreams... Finally, years of practice in the mirror paid off!
The Cheryl/American Apparel Collaboration, The Makeover You Never Knew You Wanted. I stood back and watched as ordinary citizens were transformed into their inner CHERYL with makeovers consisting glitter, hair extensions, shoulder pads, fake blood or any combination of the bunch.
But, sigh, I couldn't stay the whole afternoon. Yet, walking down the street back to the train stop I passed by a sign all marked up with graffiti, with old labels peeling off, and with the latest addition of those pink stickers everyone was forced to wear. The event had put me in one of those seeing-art-in-everything moments and I found myself taking a photo of what I had just seen, which looking back seems a little lame, but nonetheless, I realized that MOVE! had, in fact, reminded me stop, smell the roses and be "moved" by art that happens every day.